REU Mentors for Summer 2019

Faculty mentors are members of the Department of Molecular Biosciences and the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

Clicking the faculty name will redirect you to their profile on their departmental website.

Dr. Folashade Agusto

Ecology, Modeling
models of disease transmission

Dr. Jim Bever

evolution, plants, fungi, feedback, prairie, diversity, dynamics

Dr. Sharon Billings

KBS, Ecology
Biogeochemistry, ecosystem science, environmental science

Justin Blumenstiel

Molecular Evolution, Epigenetics
evolution of selfish DNA, small RNAs

Matthew Buechner

Genetics, Developmental Biolgy
models of tubule formation using Caenorhabditis elegans

Josephine Chandler

Microbiology, Evolution
models of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Roberto de Guzman

Biochemistry, Biophysics
protein NMR methods, type III secretion system in bacteria

Susan Egan

transcriptional regulation, operons, Escherichia coli

Rich Glor

Evolution, Systematics
speciation, herpetology, hybridization

Lena Hileman

Evolution, Developmental Genetics
flowers and flower-pollinator interactions, trait evolution

Dr. Kirsten Jensen

Evolution, Systematics
geographic distribution and host associations of parasites; marine parasitology; cestode taxonomy and systematics

Audrey Lamb

Biochemistry, Structural Biology
enzymmology, bacterial siderophore biosynthesis

Kristi Neufeld

Molecular Biology
mouse model, intestinal tissue, homeostasis, stem cell, differentiation

Dr. Ben Sikes

Microbial, Community, and Restoration Ecology
soils and plants, fungi, microbiomes

Lisa Timmons

Epigenetics, Molecular Biology
RNA interference mechanisms, Caenorhabditis elegans

Rob Uckless

Evolutionary genetics
immunity, virus, Drosophila

Robert Ward

Developmental Biology, Genetics
tissue-specific growth, Drosophila

Liang Xu

Molecular and Cellular Biology
cell differentiation, cancer stem cells

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